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Club's mission and vision is popularization and promotion of golf, especially among young people and everyone else interested in playing this sport.

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Frequently asked questions

With a confirmation of your diplomatic status, you are entitled to all the rights as an associate member of the club, but you are also exempt from paying the Entrance fee to the club.

Current prices for the entrance fee, membership fee, and other fees can be checked in the Club's price list.

No, members do not have any additional costs related to club membership.

Any individual or legal entity can be a member of the club if membership is approved by the Club's Membership Committee.

By paying the membership fee at Riverside Zagreb Golf Club, you become a member of the largest golf club in Croatia, which directly entitles you to participate in club tournaments, other events, organized trips, and social gatherings. Club membership also entitles you to a range of benefits and discounts related to playing and training at our home course, as well as with our golf and other partners and sponsors. By joining, you gain the right to compete and the opportunity to improve your knowledge within the club's program and activate in the database of the Croatian Golf Association.

a) Regular member

b) Associate member

    c) Honorary member

    Regular member - Any individual or legal entity that accepts the provisions of the Statute can become a regular member of the Club. Membership becomes effective upon the written decision of the Club's Membership Committee on admission to membership and payment of the entrance fee and membership fee. For more information on the rights and obligations of regular membership, please refer to the Statute (link).

    Associate member - Any individual or legal entity who is strongly interested in the activities and goals of the Club, but due to physical distance, prolonged absence, or similar circumstances, cannot continuously participate in the Club's activities or assume all the rights, obligations, and responsibilities of regular members, such as active participation in the Club's governing bodies or implementation of Club projects, can become an associate member of the Club.

    Honorary member - Any individual or legal entity who has significantly contributed to the work, development, and reputation of the Club within a certain period of time, both from the ranks of the Club's members and from other organizations, local communities, or individuals active in the Club's areas of operation, can become an honorary member of the Club. Honorary membership is proposed by the Club President and accepted in writing by the proposed honorary member.

    An individual interested in becoming a member of the Club fills out an application form on the website and thereby submits a request for membership to the Club's Membership Committee, which decides on membership within 30 days from the date of receipt of the request.

    What others say about us

    The beautiful nature shaped into a challenging golf course constantly tests the limits of your mind and endurance. If you're ready to enjoy nature and push your boundaries, then golf is the best game for you! Every new game is a challenge, hope, and desire for success turned into emotions. You play against yourself and with yourself. By playing golf, you meet new people, but also get to know yourself. In my GK Riverside, the golf experience is an unforgettable adventure.

    Leo Zurovac

    Golf is a game of concentration, integrity, and character... The combination of our mind and skill, united in love and passion for nature, life, and the game. Through golf, you get to know yourself and others, discover hidden aspects of your character, and learn that golf is more than just a game... In golf, as in life, every step, every swing is just an incentive for a new movement, an idea... A puzzle that leads you to the goal! Golf Club Riverside... My Happy Place, "I have so much joy in you!

    Snježana Crnoglavac

    Our mission is to increase interest and accessibility to golf in order to grow the number of young golfers, and thus the number of talents in Zagreb and its surroundings.

    dr. sc. Đuro Horvat, prof. spec. studies

    We all have different swings, but our goal is the same. As we watch that magical game, it's fun for us. When we play it, we recreate ourselves, and when we practice it earnestly, then it's golf.

    Dražen Ladić
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